How to catheterize a male How To Catheterize Yourself (man)

how to catheterize a male

Jan 07, Author: Catheters may catheterize inserted as an in-and-out procedure for immediate drainage, left in with a self-retaining device male short-term drainage eg, during surgeryor left indwelling for long-term drainage for patients with chronic urinary retention. Patients of all ages may require urethral catheterization, but patients who are elderly or chronically ill are more likely to require indwelling catheters, which carry how own independent risks. The basic principles underlying urethral catheterization are gender-neutral, but the specific aspects important in the technique of male catheterization are described in this article. For a procedural description for female patients, see Urethral Catheterization in Women. Insert the catheter: With one hand, hold your penis straight out from your body. With your other hand, slowly put the catheter into the urinary meatus. Gently push the catheter about 7 to 10 inches into your penis until urine begins to come out. Once urine starts to flow, push the catheter up 1 inch more and hold it in place until the urine stops. Once the catheter is in, urine will start to flow. After urine starts to flow, gently push in the catheter about 2 more inches (5 centimeters), or to the "Y" connector. (Younger boys . Place the patient in the supine position with legs extended and flat on the bed. Prepare the catheterization tray and catheter and drape . woran erkennt man testosteronmangel A catheter is a medical male consisting of a long, thin tube which can be fitted with a variety of different tips to serve how range of functions. Catheters are inserted into the body as part of many different medical procedures; for instance, they are used to diagnose genitourinary GU tract bleeding, to monitor intracranial pressure, and even administer certain medicines. In common usage, "inserting a catheter" usually refers to the common practice of inserting a urinary catheter into the bladder via a patient's urethra for the purpose male draining urine. Like all medical procedures, even this catheterize one, proper how training and strict adherence to safety and sanitation procedures are catheterize must.

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